BXA: Nylon Strain Relief

Traditionally metal strain relief has been the answer for tough industrial applications. Now, the new high impact BXA cable gland offers a rugged, corrosion resistant, and a low cost solution. By fiber reinforcing, we can have an impact resistance of seven joules. Having all the major hazardous approvals, the BXA can be used on almost all insulations.
BXI 2BXA.jpgBXA 2.jpg
-Material: Black Fiber Reinforced Nylon
-Approvals: CSA, ATEX, IECEx
-Protection Rating: IP68 (10 bar)
-Temperature Range: -4 degrees F to 185 degrees F (-20 C to 85 C)
-High Impact Resistance: 7 Joule
-IECEx Certificate of Conformity: IECEx BVS 14.0020X
-Low Smoke:Halogen-free (V0)
-Sizes: M12 – M63, NPT 3/8″ – NPT 1 1/2″
-ATEX Certificate: BVS 14 ATEX E 025 X
-CSA Certificate: 70010389


Now available for low voltage applications! (BXI)

Posted on 17 Aug 2016

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