M12 Circular Connector

The NEW M12 POWER Circular Connector



  -16Amp & 630 volt

  -Temp: 125 degrees Celsius  

  -IP67 & IP96K

  -EMI ready

  -V0 rated inserts

  -K, L, S, and T coding



  -Field attachable

  -Nickel plated and stainless options

  -Over mold in black & blue

  -Special color: 1000 piece MOQ



  -Meets demand for more power with smaller footprint

  -Space Saving

  -Heat less of a factor (PBT)

  -Liquid & spray tight

  -Shielded (EMI) for data applications

  -Contacts recessed (less bending)

  -Self aligns well (sturdy)

  -Small footprint

  -Common coding

  -Field wireable w/o tools


Click here for more information and the data sheet!


Posted on 02 Aug 2016

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