PLC Training June 13th!

Unitronics PLC Training Tues. June 13th!

Plus a 1/2 day one to one training Wed. & Thurs.


Join us Tuesday June 13th for a one day Unitronics training followed by a one to one 1/2 day programming clinic with a unitronics support engineer.

Instructor: Thomas Gomez: Unitronics LLC
  • UniStream and UniLogic Introduction
  • Software Navigation
  •  Ladder Elements (Contacts, Coils, etc.)
  • HMI Elements (Buttons, Images, HMI Jumps, etc.)
  • Data Tags
  • Structs
  • Physical Inputs/ Outputs
  • Timers/ Actions
  • Q &A
  • Lunch will be served to all attendees


Cost: No charge
  • Texas Sensors and Controls- 702 S. Persimmon St. BLDG 3A, Tomball, Texas 77375


What you need:
  • PC with latest unilogic software installed
  • Unistream PLC (we have loaners if needed)


This class will be followed by a 1/2 day one to one training on Wednesday and Thursday. During this time there will be a Unitronics technical support engineer that will guide you through all your programming questions and concerns. 
This is a very popular event so we ask that you book well in advance. 
To attend or if you have any questions please contact us HERE or call us at 281.655.9902 and push 1.

Click the link below for a PDF of this post.

Unitronics Training

Posted on 01 Jun 2017

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