With the ever increasing emphasis on having security of power supply, having transformers fail or be unavailable due to maintenance is no longer acceptable. When transformers go wrong it’s generally catastrophic, so ensuring that your insulating oil is in tip top condition is an essential part of ensuring safe operation and guaranteeing a long productive life.


By using the Tan Delta suite of real time oil monitoring solutions you can remotely monitor continuously the actual condition of your oil. This leads to significant cost savings through avoiding unnecessary failures and scheduling the maintenance where it is most needed.


Tan Delta provide both a set of off the shelf solutions and customisable options which are all easy to install, require no maintenance and are backed by a dedicated support team. At the core is the patented Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx), a revolutionary broad spectrum sensor which accurately and reliably monitors all of the key factors within the oil in real time, giving you all of the data you need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Key Benefits and Features

  • Works With Any Oil

  • Simple Installation

  • Targeted Maintenance

  • Increased Health and Safety

  • Avoid Costly Failures



Posted on 20 Jul 2017

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