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New: Gems Bi-Directional Flow Switch

Product Description:

  • Inline flow switch capable of indicating direction of flow
  • Key for applications where detection of flow direction is desirable or where undesired reverse flow is possible and must be prevented to avoid system damage



  • Automotive Service Carts
  • Chemical Dosing & Dispensing (i.e. Pools, Spas)
  • Thermic Loops
  • Bi-Directional Hydraulics
  • Hydroponic Water/Feed, Ebb & Flow Systems
  • Closed Loop Cooling & Delivery Systems (i.e. Beverage Delivery, Cardioplegia Cooling & Heating)
  • Any closed loop application where direction of flow needs to be indicated

Key Product Benefits:

  • Flow switch that is capable of detecting flow and the direction of flow in applications where indication of flow direction is crucial to the system
  • A single bi-directional flow switch can replace the functionality of two traditional flow switches which reduces weight and assembly time
  • Product is capable of rigorous application demands, high temperature and media compatibility
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