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Returns & Refund Information

The buyer will be deemed to have received the products in satisfactory condition and to have accepted the products in the condition delivered, unless any damage to the products in shipment or variance from order instructions is reported to the seller, in writing, within five (5) days of the buyer’s receipt of the products.

Returns, changes to orders and cancellations will be accepted only upon written approval by the seller, and all returns will be at the buyer’s sole expense, freight prepaid.

The seller will not accept returns after 90 days following delivery. Standard stock items returned or orders for standard stock items cancelled within fifteen (15) days prior to scheduled delivery, may be subject to a minimum restocking charge of 15% of the purchase price, and change orders for modification of specifications or delivery schedule shall be subject to a reasonable charge for reimbursement of the seller’s cost in connection therewith.

Nonstock or custom items are not returnable and if cancelled, are subject to cancellation fees up to 100% of the Purchase Price. Any credit issued will be based on invoiced price.

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